Roane-Morgan Co.

The SR29 (US-27) projects span across Roane and Morgan Counties north of Harriman, Tennessee. Bridgepoint employees are responsible for all construction staking and machine control models for two adjoining sections of the route. The first project includes 3.25 miles of widening from 2-lane to 4-lane divided highway. Included in the project along with the grading (over 760,000 CY of excavation) and utility relocation were 3 sets of new twin bridges and 8 soldier-pile retaining walls. The largest section of wall is a section of three parallel walls nearly 2000’ long and holding back a cut slope over 100’ high at the highest point.

The north project consists of 2.1 miles of the same type of work with 4 more soldier pile walls. Charles Blalock and Sons are the prime contractors doing a majority of the work including the walls and bridges. The total combined project estimated costs is $80 Million.

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